after import from iges some meshes are double

 From:  nycL45
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Hi Michael! Thanks for responding.

>Things fragmented into little bitty pieces? Each curve having zillions of points in it?

I believe that is it. The attached images are of the hanger rod only and the following are the file sizes:

3dm file = 434 kb
igs file = 45 kb
igs > vw = 139 kb
vw 3d > vw 2D = 20.7 mb
vw 2D (deleted unnecessary polys with line weight of 0) = 127 kb

Images: 1. Hanger rod converted to 2D, all objects selected. 2. Only polygons with line wt. = 0 selected. 3. Polygons in image 2. deleted; remaining lines selected.

I am pushing on this because 1) MOI is faster than VW and I want to use it, and 2) hopefully someone knows of a work around. Otherwise, MOI is of limited value for architectural construction documents.

Image Attachments:
Size: 55.2 KB, Downloaded: 12 times, Dimensions: 477x1001px
Size: 60.3 KB, Downloaded: 10 times, Dimensions: 496x1006px
Size: 54.2 KB, Downloaded: 11 times, Dimensions: 455x977px