after import from iges some meshes are double

 From:  Michael Gibson
5216.10 In reply to 5216.8 
Hi Leonard, thanks for attaching that rod model. I took a look at it closely and I do not see anything out of whack or unusual about it in any way, so I don't think there is anything you could do on the MoI side to change what you are seeing.

Since you also see that excessive density with just a regular sphere as well, as far as I can tell it's a problem that VectorWorks has with curved surfaces in general. You would need to contact them about improving that or modifying that behavior. Maybe there are some settings available that would allow you to adjust the density downwards somewhat - if those exist they are going to be settings on the VectorWorks side though that controls the behavior of their drawing generation mechanism. Since it's a mechanism in VectorWorks that needs adjusting there won't be any settings on the MoI side that you would use to affect that.

- Michael