Issues, suggestions, and wishes from a Mac user

 From:  Will (ALTAIC)
First off, thanks so much for the Mac version! I've been dabbling with MoI for a few months now, though more seriously in the last week. As a bit of background, I occasionally use a 2011 iMac, but mostly I find myself using my MacBook Pro (new retina model) which works really well with all the screen real-estate.

However, I find trackpad interaction somewhat burdensome, specifically the view controls. Zooming is really notchy and I frequently overshoot when I need to get close to a detail; it'd be nice to be able to set the jump distance to be finer, or even better have smooth/continuous zooming. In that vein, I find using right click to rotate and pan is awkward, and I'd like to be able to use modifier keys instead... or it'd be absolutely *awesome* to use multitouch (two finger pinch for zooming, two finger drag for pan, two finger twist for rotate, or some such), although I know that requires using OSX-specific APIs, which may be difficult since MoI seems to be a wine port. Anyhow, those are pretty significant issues for me, as I find myself fumbling around my models quite a lot.

Other than that, I have few wishes-- MoI is truly terrific! It'd be cool to have a guide tool (a la Sketchup's guide and protractor tools). Also, CAD would be a really good application of the new(ish) full-screen functionality in OSX (though I do have issues with Apple's implementation, particularly multiscreen use). Selection is somewhat strange to me (I'm used to using shift to select multiple items) and I think it'd be nice to be able to customize that behavior-- OTOH, it's not all that unintuitive to me so maybe I just need to get used to it. Being able to split the tool pallets into their own window would be nice. I'm actually really impressed with the UI elements; they aren't very OSX (which ordinarily I'd complain about), but they work really well. I particularly like the bottom bar.

Before I start rambling, there are a couple bugs I've noticed (I'm using the latest beta, so these may have been fixed in the release version):
• The menubar disappears after switching to another app and back.
• Resizing the window or changing the UI size causes the rendered window to zoom and jump all over the place, then correct itself.

I think there was another bug I ran into, but it's eluding me right now. Anyway, to reiterate, I really like MoI, and the above is intended to be sincerely constructive-- if MoI was open source, I'd be hacking on it this very moment :)