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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Stan, that's a nice looking cottage!

> just wanted to say that moi doesnt feel that beta at all.

Thanks! It's basically at the tail end of the beta right now, the V1 release is not too far away.

> and hope youre not gonna overload moi with too many unnecessary functions.

I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye to avoid messing it up. There will be quite a bit of stuff added in future versions, but the majority of it will be in tabbed palettes on the side pane that are collapsed by default. So that should keep normal operation quite uncluttered still.

> - a "replace-any-object-of-that-shape-by-this-object function"?

This one is quite a bit more difficult to do than it initially seems - shape similarity / recognition is kind of hard. I think in a future version an "instance" type mechanism where you can set up one base object and have many instances of it would help for this. That would probably work well for heavily repeated stuff like the shingles on your roof. But this won't be ready for the V1 release though.

> - editable stroke thickness?

This is another one that I want to add but won't be part of V1. I'd like to have this as a part of object property editing which will be in V2.

> - maybe, if possible, some more performance? (eg by making it possible to switch off anti-aliasing)

Dang, I was just bragging on another thread about the performance! :)

There are a few settings you can mess with for heavier scenes - go to Options and uncheck "Display hidden-curves / edges" - having the faint dashed hidden line display is pretty expensive (although it is useful in many situations for letting you pick those edges...). Also under Meshing parameters try turning the Surface angle and Trim curve angle from the default 10 degrees to 20 or 25 - this will make a coarser surface display but using fewer polyons is faster.

There currently isn't any way to turn off curve anti-aliasing.

- Michael