lenght of a curve

 From:  noskule
> I think you're trying to copy some code from the "CurveLengthBeingDrawn" script?

Yes, I did try both scripts. So I took the CurveLength script and added the "insert len variable into html" part from the CurveLengthBeingDrawnV2 . However I haven't any programming skills so its more than less try and error.
But it seams not to work cause of the moi.get.ui part. So how should it look like? I tried the following but it don't doing anything:

/* Calculate length of selected curves and copy to the clipboard as text */
var crvs = moi.geometryDatabase.getSelectedObjects().getCurves();
var len = 0.0;
for ( var i = 0; i < crvs.length; ++i ) {
len += crvs.item(i).getLength();
moi.copyTextToClipboard( len );

/* Put var len somewhere into the ui */


if ( !window["_crvdistlabel"] ) { document.body.insertAdjacentHTML( "beforeEnd", "
" ); } _crvdistlabel.innerText = len.toFixed(4);

And instead of the "CommandBar.htm" what would be the name of the ui-block which displays the element name, style, and dimension? Cause I would like to display the value there.