Using array around a curved surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, it gets closer but I don't think it works quite right - if you look down the tip you can see there is some twisting of the fins.

Array curve copies objects from one base point to a target point along the curve - the align to surface option helps keeps things rotated so that the direction of the surface normal at the base point will be rotated to go in the direction of the surface normal at the target point, so something like a cylinder will point in the same direction but there can be a twist happening around that axis. Something that hangs off a long distance to the side of that point it can kind of swing around and that's probably not going to be good for this case here.

The shape of this part seems to be quite close to being a cone but is slanted or something and not quite an exact cone - if it was an exact cone array circular would then work.

- Michael