printing my model?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rod, MoI does not itself have any print functions currently - for doing printing right now your best bet is probably to export your model to a different CAD program that has a focus on doing 2D print functions. Some good choices for that are Rhino or also ViaCAD 2D is a particularly inexpensive option:

It is also possible to a really basic printout by doing a screen capture and then using an image processing program (windows paintbrush will work if you don't have anything else) to print out the bitmap.

There is a built in method to Windows to do a screen capture when you push the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard - that takes a snapshot of the screen and places it as an image file into the clipboard, then you go to your image processing program and use Paste there to bring in the image.

It's also possible to set up a shortcut key in MoI that will put a screen capture on the clipboard but with a higher resolution image generated than the current screen size. See here for that:

- Michael