The Boiler Watch by "Majik" Mike Maynard

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
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Pilou, les illustrations de François's sont belles!
Il apporte vraiment les jours romantiques de voyage de rail de nouveau à la vie. La 'réalité augmentée' est un magnifique concept.
Je peux me souvenir d'un de mes gamins recevant une carte de cadeau d'une sorte, quand vous l'avez tenu jusqu'à laptop PC, il y avait un petit paquet de cadeau sur la carte qui a ouvert avec les serpentins et les confettis volant autour de.

Thanks M!
Actually, I'm a strong believer in working out rough sketches in "thumbnail" form first, but only to serve for the rough concept or bulk framework.
Then yes, like you, I find myself adding ad-hoc elements and "going with the flow". This watch used to have three running strips on the top section where the type is.
And, it was also going to have a leather band with metal elements.
Moi3D is fluid enough to use, that the pre-conceptualization and the construction process sometimes seem to bleed together more easily.

Ed! Those videos were fantastic! I didn't know that there were still actual working models out there riding the rails for exhibition.
They were even in stereo, which brought them to life nicely.

I'm a train fan too. Lived next to the track two times in my life. When I was 2-4 years old, my late father used to lift me up to the open window to see the Seaboard freight to St. Marks FL. roar by on the other side of the road. The home would shake, which added to the excitement.

Right before I really got into 3D design, I created this streamline locomotive with vector, using different images as reference.
My wish was then to someday make a locomotive like that in a 3D format. A reality soon.