Material Mapping

 From:  Michael Gibson
5171.2 In reply to 5171.1 
Hi yakas, UV mapping will come through with OBJ format, but MoI's automatically generated uv maps are pretty basic and just apply the same entire texture rectangle to every surface in an object.

Usually to get more control over the mapping you would use a rendering program to create a better mapping by unwrapping or things like that - there are also some stand alone UV mapping utilities that can be useful for that stuff, see here for some links:

But if you just want to apply a map that follows a curved ramp surface where the ramp piece you want to texture is already just one single sweep surface or something like that in MoI, then MoI's built in uv mapping may work ok for something simple like that. To do that just export using OBJ format - you probably should set "Export: Quads & Triangles" mode rather than exporting n-gons since I think Keyshot does not like to handle complex n-gons, and also you may need to assign the ramp face to belong to a style of its own in MoI before exporting so that when you apply a material to it only it will change in appearance and not a bunch of other things.

- Michael