Mac OS version ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5168.2 In reply to 5168.1 
Hi phlatt5th, yeah there seems to be a bug with the Wineskin mechanism where it messes things up if you run the exact same .app from 2 different user accounts. The app itself gets messed up with one of its internal directories renamed and that's why you lose the icon and why it doesn't run after that. It is possible to repair it - to do that right click on the app and then pick "Show package contents", and then go select everything underneath Contents/ResoTemp and move all the stuff from there back to Contents/Resources. That will repair the app structure and after you've done that the app will run again from the original account where it was first launched from and your scripts and stuff should all be in there still.

So anyway, it will not work to run the same app from the same location for 2 different users, but you can make things work for 2 different users by setting up a separate app for each different user - to do that right-click on the app and pick "Duplicate", and then put one copy of it into somewhere inside of each user's home folder, like on each of their desktops or anywhere under their user folder so that each user has their own separate .app and then when they each launch their own one (instead of each launching the exact same one from the same single /Applications directory) it should then work ok. Please let me know if that method still does not work for you.

I'll ask about getting this fixed in a future version of Wineskin.

- Michael