Hi Michael - is there a v3 Timeline?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5163.2 In reply to 5163.1 
Hi Charles, I don't really have a specific timeline all planned out.

But I do still want to add in a lot of new stuff for v3 so the final v3 release will probably be something like the beginning of next year or something in that vague range, it's not really imminent.

I am nearly ready to release the 2.5 Mac OSX specific version though, but that is different than the v3 release.

> I understand you may not be able to talk at all about development schedules, <...>

In my case it's more that I don't actually have a rigidly defined schedule all in place, I like to keep things fluid and sometimes jump on ideas as they bubble up if they are a particularly good fit.

> Thank you for developing this software, it truly looks amazing, and could be a big boost
> to my hard surface work.

You're welcome, I'm glad you like it! Yes, MoI can be a great companion to Modo particularly for mechanical / hard surface type objects since it is focused on a more construction + boolean type workflow.

See here for some links to discussions and some tips that may help people who are coming from a polygon modeling background:

- Michael