Kudos and a suggestion

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi dyarza - thanks, I'm glad you like MoI!

re: Live symmetry

By default history updating is turned off for the results of mirror, but if you turn it on (select the result of the mirror and use Edit/History) you can a type of live symmetry updating. See this tutorial for more details: http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=402.9 - that's a tutorial on making a deep Japanese style bathtub which goes through some steps for setting up a dynamic updating mirror.

I do want to add some additional symmetry stuff as well, but that won't be ready for the V1 version.

re: SpacePilot - I'm planning on doing this. Not quite sure on the time frame, but I am hoping to squeeze it in as one of the last things before V1 is finished.

- Michael