continuity plans?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5150.2 In reply to 5150.1 
Hi Tanuki, I definitely do want to add some more surface continuity type functions in to MoI.

But many of the ones that you are specifically listing there like curvature combs and display of degree and surface spans are really quite technical level type things.

It's a major focus for MoI to be an approachable and easy to use tool, so those kinds of super techno things that might require a math degree for someone to understand are not really high priority target things for MoI.

One of the main tools for continuity that I want to target first is just a "surface match" tool that would be able to edit a surface to make it smooth to a neighboring one. The other things on your list will probably come eventually but maybe not for a while, it's not really a priority goal for MoI to become a replacement for an advanced surface analysis type tool.

- Michael