Can not open a 3dm file

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Lars - your 3DM file there only contains polygon mesh objects in it and no NURBS objects.

Rhino is set up to work on a variety of different kinds of data, while MoI is only focused on one particular kind of data.

If you select the object in Rhino and use the "What" command you'll see it is reported as a "mesh" object and not as a surface or polysurface type object - that's why it is not being read into MoI, because MoI does not work with polygon mesh data at modeling time, it only generates that kind of data for export.

Polygon mesh data is a pretty different type of 3D structured data than NURBS data - normally for working with that type of data you would want to load it into a polygon mesh oriented program, something like Cinema4D, Modo, etc... - usually it's the more animation and rendering type programs that use that type of data.

- Michael