Catia draw me a sheep! :)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> But from seen at the screen ergonomy with the graphic pen seems very fluent
> at the beginning of the second video ;)

That's the problem though - it is absolutely impossible when watching a video like that to determine whether the fluency you see there is actually some hard-won skills that the operator has gained through many months or even years of practice, (in which case possibly you would need to invest the same level of time and practice to equal it), or whether it is actually fluent like that to a beginning user.

So it's wise to take such demo videos with some healthy level of skepticism until you can test the actual operation yourself to see if it suits you or whether there are too many rules or special kinds of gestures or things of that nature that are required in order to actually make something with it.

- Michael