Catia draw me a sheep! :)

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
This type of software has its place: To be used by larger companies and design firms that specialize in the fashion and consumer-end industries.
It appears to be just visualization software at the most, allowing marketing and focus groups to get instant feedback and immediate creative influence in items that would take days, weeks and months of real time to develop with traditional methods.

- Cars, shoes, apparel and the like.

I'm no expert in the manufacturing field, but wouldn't designing a pair of shoes from a working prototype to a full-blown production model require all kinds of industry specific design processes, ending with exact moulds, tooling and CNC fabrication? Marketing executives would probably like to know before that kind of work if a product is going to function well as well as sell.

Sure that app looks fun and easy, but Michael has to be right, there has to be some learning curve.
I saw splines and control points!!! You can't break the laws of math, them suckers are only as accurate as the user can make them.

Like I gathered, it's best advantage would have to be with a pre-design marketing-based conceptualization that needs to whip up a sketch in seconds allowing things to be changed at the whim of the client.
Hey!, didn't they used to hire guys that could take pencils, chalk and watercolor to an art board? I could go down to Bill's Art City back in the day and snag some good supplies for a few bucks, now you need a super-computer and a Haptic Device.

Not to sound the trumpet of MoI (of course I am ;-) ), but I'd say that MoI holds its own as an application that combines intuitive ease and simplicity along with power and accuracy.