MoI OBJ Import into KeyShot

 From:  ed (EDDYF)
This is not a MoI issue, but I was having trouble importing OBJ files from MoI and other sources into KeyShot ver 3.1. Some of the parts were not showing up in the scene tree, even though they all had unique MoI styles (material assignments). Other parts were assigned the same material upon import, even though they are unique.

The solution is to open the Keyshot Import Dialog > Advanced Tab:

Check: Keep Individual Parts

Select Group by: Objects

After import, go to the Scene Tree, click on the highest level object (i.e. the name of your model) and right-mouse-click: Unlink Material

I've never had to do these steps before, so something changed in their import process.

Anyway, wanted to post this in case other KeyShot users search here on this issue.

Also, when exporting OBJ to KeyShot from MoI, use Quads & Triangles.

Ed Ferguson

EDITED: 14 May 2012 by EDDYF