A Strange problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
5120.9 In reply to 5120.6 
Hi Mike, thanks for sending the file.

The file looks totally fine, it does have mm units set in it, and I was able to open your file with a variety of different CAD programs and they all load your part fine giving a 100mm tall object.

I test opening your STP file with MoI, Rhino, Alibre, and ViaCAD and all were fine.

Can you please give me a more detailed description of what you are doing to produce a bad result - are you able to actually reproduce any problem yourself or are you just relaying back information about what someone else is seeing?

I guess I would want to see what settings and options the person doing the import has set, maybe they have chosen some weird things in their import settings like to override units or something along those lines.

Maybe you will have to tell them that the file is in millimeters and that they should set their unit system in the program they are importing into to be mm first before they do the import.

- Michael