A Strange problem

 From:  Designu (MOI2)
5120.6 In reply to 5120.5 
Hi Michael and Burrman,

thank you both for your quick respond!

I have set Unit system in MOI as millimeters that should not be the case. Both default and document units have been right from the beginning (as centimeters) since start using MOI.
I am using Spaceclaim trial and there also set as metric so that should not be any issue either. I just made a double check for that just in case.
I really can not understand what the heck is wrong and this is the first time for me also.

But as they opened that file in 3D printing service provider the same double sized part opened.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to send that original file here due to client´s confidential aspect but I can PM it to Michael himself.

I am using MOI v 2.5 beta on Mac in case it helps. Have not yet tried on v3.


P.S. Yes I was a bit unclear with my explanation so let´s just forget that part shall we. Wont be any big deal :)