A Strange problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
5120.11 In reply to 5120.5 
Hi Mike, you wrote:

I did some further examinations and happened to figure out that it works well with object constructed in MOI but extruded. So as I exported it as .STEP all dimensions are correct but as soon as I have extruded that 2D draft constructed in MOI inside MOI and exported it things will went wrong and for some reason whole object will be doubled by its size when imported.

Could you try to break this down with a bit more detail about some of the steps?

Like for example you write: "and for some reason whole object will be doubled by its size when imported."

When imported into where exactly? What program are you importing it into where you see the size doubled?

Do you see it doubled if you just import it directly back into MoI ?

Again, over here I imported your STP file you sent in e-mail into a number of different programs and I did not see any doubling of size in any of them.

So that leads me to believe it may be something in the import settings in the particular program that you are using for doing the import - if you could give more specific details about that it might help.

Maybe that program has some kind of optional scale factor that can be applied to the import, if so then check it to see if it is set with a scale factor of anything other than a value of 1.0 .

- Michael