A Strange problem

 From:  Designu (MOI2)
Hi there!
First of all Thank you so much Michael for creating this awesome application. This has been so fun to use when compared to other competitors out there. For the very first time it is such a joy to use a CAD software. Michael is The man!

Ok to my main point and this is strange to say at least. I have constructed a cylinder consisting of 7 vertical tubes. One the main in the middle and surrounded by 8 different smaller ones. Please see that picture below.

For some reason when I imported it to an other CAD it has been doubled it´s size but vertical size.
Strange? Hold on because this one is a little bit more bizarre. I also experienced that I minimized this file to half of it´s size in MOI and exported it to this specific other CAD for measurements it is still ok by it´s vertical size and those all minor circles are ok but outer radius of whole piece is still this miniature sized.

I have not been able to spot anything wrong with either import options of this other CAD and neither MOI´s export options. It is also a big mystery why on earth this situation is same whit STEP or Open NURBS export.

Oh, this is the same result when they opened it with ProE in 3D-printer service. So it must have something to do with MOI´s export side.

The 3D printer provider prefer STEP so that´s what I would like to provide that.

Any ideas anyone? Is it some odd MOI behavior I should be aware of when exporting?


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