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 From:  BurrMan
I had an interesting object model that I got stuck on... A coned scallop with specific angles. (It was presnted to me in a different forum)

Started off using "Cylinders" to diff the scallop out, but realized this creates "curved edges" for the cone shaped slope, as opposed to straight ones. Started to figure that a cone was the diff object to use, but couldnt figure the numbers to get the thing correct... If anyone wants to jump in, I may be missing something much easier!

The overall radius of the object is .86. The cone shape should be 30 degree's. The scallops should be 25 degrees. There was a rough guestimation that the radius was a .5, but I dont think this is possible, as it is a variable... Also, the scallops are at 45 degree's, so 8 of them.

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