hardware specification

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi maxi - Moi does not require a tablet in order to run - MoI's tablet features are just that it's overall UI is much more friendly to tablet use than other CAD programs.

You can still operate MoI at full functionality with just a mouse - it's not that it requires a tablet, just that it also works smoothly with a pen tablet as well as a mouse. Frequently the UI of other CAD programs tends to be quite awkward to try and run on a tablet because of things like requiring lots of modifier keys and things like that.

So you can get a Windows 7 tablet for running MoI if you want, but you can also just run it on any regular Windows machine as well like just a regular laptop or desktop computer or whatever.

MoI has minimal overall hardware requirements, it will run on pretty much any off the shelf Windows machine that you would get, the only general guideline is that it can be good to get a machine that has a dedicated graphics card instead of integrated chipset graphics but MoI can even run on those too they just have less overall horsepower for doing more complex models than a dedicated graphic card has.

One thing to watch out for though is that some kinds of cheap tablet machines may be running something like the Android operating system which is a totally different operating system than Windows and MoI won't work there, or on the iPad.

But you can actually also run MoI on a full Mac (not iPad) machine, there is a Mac beta version of MoI available from the download page on the main http://moi3d.com web site.

- Michael