Samsung Slate 7 and Windows 8

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Steven, there is some problem with Internet Explorer version 9 that causes an initial blank UI on a few systems on startup with MoI v2.

But it seems to go away if you just maximize the window and then leave it maximized when you close it down, that will make the window initially maximized when it is launched the next time. Does doing that solve the blank initial UI problem on that particular machine?

Another way you can solve it is to just minimize and restore the application window, it seems to be just a cosmetic problem on initial launch and should not impair any actual function.

For MoI v3 I have rewritten the UI so that it does not use the Internet Explorer engine anymore, so with version 3 this is not an issue. V3 is still under development right now though, there is a beta release available for v2 users to test but it probably won’t be until the beginning of next year that the final version of v3 is out.

So it’s probably related to the version of Internet Explorer on that machine and not really anything to do with the video drivers (unless you are also seeing a blank screen in the 3D viewport areas and not just on the UI areas).

It’s likely that just maximizing the main window would solve the problem, let me know if it doesn’t.

Right now I have not tested MoI on Windows 8 – I will definitely be doing that once Windows 8 is itself released, right now as you probably know it’s not at a final release yet. I would not recommend using MoI on Windows 8 right now, it would be better to wait until it is actually released.

- Michael

Michael Gibson