How do I start a 3D business?

 From:  bigseb
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>> What would really be nice, is if a modeler was also familiar with the follow up programs taking the drawing to machining (cut3D in my case). I know there are a bunch of follow up programs. But, if other customers are like me and need help with the first program to create the model, chances are they, like me, will also need help with the next program as well. Stating you are familiar and able to help with these other programs would be a plus. <<

This is a good point. I design predominantly for the injection/blow mould industry and have found that being a qualified toolmaker along with having years of CNC/CAM experience go a long way to helping clients through their projects. Toolmaking is the next step after design after all. Adding FEA to my services was done for the same reason. However the OP was asking about where start building a business. In the early stages it really is best to see the bigger picture before zoning in on specifics. Just my opinion... ymmv.