How do I start a 3D business?

 From:  Ditto
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Let me suggest two very good books on this:

1/ "How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer" which deals with many of the more mundane tasks of being a one-man-show. Being on my own now for almost 7 years, I can attest that at one moment the majority of hours is spent elsewhere: administration, acquisition, hand-holding, crisis-management, finance ... anything, but not the core of the business. But one only get paid for "core" work, and that means that after having spent most of the day on other things, you spend a good part of the night trying to make money.

2/ "Getting Real" by the inventors of Ruby on Rails. This is about managing things. Although targeted at software development, I find that the quintessentials work on other businesses equally well. A fast-paced, fascinating read about good business practice.

Together these two cover what small businesses should know. But they won't tell you if you are made for this. If you don't have the stomach, you will fail being solo. That is no judgement, but an observation over the years.

Good luck!