New v3 Beta? 9 days left...

 From:  Roger (ROGER_WEGENER)
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Ah - I see. Yes I do agree about the Linux driver world.

I haven't full documented the performance of Moi under wine on Linux - but it just doesn't *feel* as fast as under windows. I tried it on a dual boot machine (same hardware) and usually ended up going back to Windows. And when I am fully into a complex design I just want to work as fast as I can - so I don't actually do a lot of heavy duty design work in Linux. Perhaps all that shows is the amount of effort that has gone into the Windows O/S as opposed to Linux. Gotta give Microsoft credit for something ;-)

Actually the main problem for me is that I have too many devices to lug with me when I am on the road. I started with a Windows - laptop/notebook - but the lethargic W7 boot kills that as a true portable device. Then I went to Linux - boots quickly but doesn't run all the apps that I need and is still a big heavy laptop/notebook. Recently have been using an Android tablet. Functionality is perfect - instant on and size/weight suits me - but no real apps that I need. Plus it is a media *consumption* device as opposed to a media *creation* device.

So looks like I will stay with a Windows laptop/notebook for my apps - including Moi AND the Android tablet for email etc.