New v3 Beta? 9 days left...

 From:  Michael Gibson
5056.11 In reply to 5056.10 
Hi Roger - it is using Wine on the Mac too, that's how I was able to be able to do a Mac version without a 100% complete rewrite.

> but still not as fast/good as native under Windows.

What doesn't seem to be as fast as running under Windows?

Usually one of the good things about Wine is that it actually gives great performance, since it directly loads and executes program code, it only gets involved when programs make system API calls, and at that point just basically passes the request on to the OS. It does not get in the way of normal code execution unlike a "virtual machine" type emulation system like Parallels or VMWare.

So if something seems slow on your current system, I'm not sure that I would be able to solve it by a native Linux version, maybe you have some problem with your video driver.

Unstable and buggy video drivers for 3D acceleration functions seems to be rampant on Linux unfortunately - that by itself kind of rules out me being able to target Linux very well with a specific version since there is just too high of a likelihood that any random person's video driver is going to be substandard.

- Michael