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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi dwas,

> 2/ To be able to open my MOI generated files in Keyshot my
> render program, I still use Rhino to set the correct mesh quality
> values. How can I do this directly in MOI?

I think Keyshot has a problem with its 3DM import where it does not actually process the NURBS data which is the main stuff that's actually stored there and instead only reads display mesh data that Rhino will cache inside the file once it has done a rendering.

You might want to contact Keyshot and ask them to read the actual NURBS data out of the 3DM file like they do for IGES or STEP formats instead of only looking for Rhino's cached display mesh information.

Rhino stores that additional display mesh data just because it has a very slow mesher and so it tries to avoid recalculating it. MoI on the other hand has a fast mesher so it just calculates the display mesh as needed dynamically instead of storing it in the file, which not only helps a lot whenever the mesh needs to be recalculated like when you edit an object but also helps to reduce file size by a lot since storing the display mesh inside the file additionally usually bloats up the file size by quite a large factor.

Another reason why it's not so good to use that particular data is that it's not even necessarily created by Rhino - if you only use a wireframe view in Rhino or use Rhino's "Save Small" function those display meshes will not be written to the 3DM file that Rhino creates either. It's basically just a cache of display data and shouldn't really be depended on as a primary means of inter-application data transfer like Keyshot is trying to use it for here.

So anyway after all that explanation, the solution is to just save to OBJ format out from MoI and then read that OBJ file into Keyshot rather than using 3DM format for the file transfer. Just set the option "Output: Quads & Triangles" at export time from MoI since Keyshot doesn't like to deal with complex n-gons (polygons with more than 4 sides) so much.

- Michael