not quite a MoI question

 From:  shayno
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The Ringcircle script is awesome and very close in its sizes.

I have found that there a couple things that affect the sizes used.

I typically size to the centre of the ring when sizing as opposed to the leading edge and I have finger sizing rings that match my ring stick well.

1 the width of the ring , the wider the ring is the larger you need to go to get to get a centre fitting
A very wide ring I would go a full size larger and a very narrow ring minus 1/2

2 the metal its cast in
Platinum because of the high temperatures involved, the mold investment and the flask expands and you can get a very slightly bigger piece than drawn
I have printed exactly the same square profile band and had one cast in Platinum and one cast in 18ct yellow, they came out noticebly different in size and dimensions, the 18ct one was perhaps 3/4 to a full size smaller.