Sine wave between points

 From:  bemfarmer
Hi Ditto,

Made a couple of trivial changes to Michaels Sinewave script.

1. Changed the PI multiplier for the y coordinate from 2.0 to 1.0.

2. Removed the "* numcycles" multiplier from the x coordinate.

Number 3 does not change what the revised script does, just lets the user decide upon the
number of Half sine cycles. The input is the integer number of half cycles.

3. Changed the label numcycles to numHalfcycles. Left the variable numcycles alone, because
the more changes, the more goofups. numcycles now holds the number of HALF sine waves.
It should be renamed numHalfcycles to be technically correct...

Making the amplitude negative, mirrors the sine wave with a negative start.

A slider could be added to numHalfcycles...don't really see the point. The view just becomes a "fringe" with
large values of numHalfcycles.