Sine wave between points

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ditto, could you maybe just draw a little graph of what you want to help explain it?

> I want a sine where sin(A) == 0 && sin(B) == 0.

Ok, but the Sine function only has a value of 0 at 180 degree increments, it's 0 only at a few places, like:

(using degrees)
sin(0) = 0
sin(180) = 0
sin(360) = 0

If you want to cut the sine wave from that other plugin up at places where it crosses the 0 value, you can just draw in a horizontal line for that along y = 0 and trim with it.

Sorry I'm not getting what you are asking about, I guess I will need a bit more information and maybe a sketch or something to help me understand.

- Michael