DXF to MoI?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi thom_thom - yeah like Michael T mentions MoI does not currently open DXF files, but if your scanner software can save points to a simple text file with the x,y,z coordinates of each point on a separate line that can be loaded in using the plug-ins that Michael T attached above. To install those plug-ins copy the .js and .htm files to the \commands sub-folder inside of MoI's main installation folder and then that will make 2 new commands available called ImportPointFile and SavePointFile and to call them you can set up a keyboard shortcut with those as the command name.

However, that import script is more for importing something like a couple of hundred points or so. If you have something from your scanner that has generated a file containing some tremendous number of points larger than that, then that script probably won't work very well since it's kind of slow.

So if you have a huge number of points you will probably need to use a different method - you could try using either Rhino or ViaCAD for opening the DXF and then save out from there to 3DM format which MoI can open.

But MoI is not focused on processing large quantities of points anyway, it does not have reverse engineering oriented tools. MoI is more oriented towards drawing things yourself from scratch, so there is not a whole lot that you would do in MoI with some mass quantity of points anyway. You would need to use some software that is focused on reverse engineering to process stuff like that.

- Michael