Display issues

 From:  Michael Gibson
5028.2 In reply to 5028.1 
Hi DesuDeus, you mean in the silhouettes of the surfaces where there are not any regular boundary edges?

That kind of jaggy-ness is just a cosmetic issue - you shouldn't really worry about that or let it get in the way of your actual geometry construction, just in general the real-time display is meant to be a quick working display and not a final rendered looking result. I do want to add some method in the future for enabling regular polygon anti-aliasing, it's a somewhat delicate area to work with though since it involves a somewhat complex sequence of querying the card to see what it actually supports - all cards do not support all the same levels.

At some point in the future I should be able to add that, but I don't quite understand why it is such a huge issue for you as you describe here, can you maybe post a screenshot or describe in some more detail how surface jaggies causes a big problem for you right now?

If you have a lot of geometry overlapping on top of itself and causing z fighting issues, enabling full scene anti-aliasing is not going to solve that - those types of issues will remain with FSAA enabled too, with a lot of objects crowding each other you're really more in the area of needing to do more scene management control (turn off objects, etc...).

- Michael