More MOI to reality projects

 From:  BobK
Thanks to all for the positive comments.

Hi Damir,

MOI doesn't really work directly with any CNC machine. MOI makes the model that gets imported into a CAM (computer aided machining) program. The CAM program creates toolpaths which are then imported into a controller software program like MACH 3. Mach 3 then gives the individual motors on the CNC machine the instructions necessary to cut the model. I use Vectric products (Cut 3D and V-Carve Pro) as my CAM software. And both the CAM and controller software can be as difficult (or easy) to learn as modelling in MoI.

As far as commercial machines are concerned, I've heard good things about ShopBot. They have a strong community forum and appear to be very helpful to new users. There's also a forum called that could be very helpful to you as well.