from MoI to reality

 From:  FiL (FILIPPOL)
Hi Steve, eh! How to say it is a mess! Polish this object is very difficult. I don't know wicth kind of result you can obtain only with the magnetic tumbler.
I do not know exactly the procedure that they used to develop the model for the fusion.
As a rule there is provided a model by removing (cutting of a block of material) or by stamp 3D.
Lately you use 3D printers that produce the resin model. This methodology facilitates the pre-production of the object because the plaster is poured (negative mold) directly on it. With firing of the plaster, the resin melts and remains empty and the mold is filled by molten metal.
The surface of item can be irregular for three reasons: the use of a resin model that melts into the plaster cast (and leaves the impurities), a model not polished or use of any product release agent (silicone spray or talcum powder) to facilitate the removal of wax from silicone rubber, (fourth reason: problems during the fusion... but we think that it's not our case!).
When the resin is dissolved into the plaster surface (I think your case) is always a little dirty. It' s impossible to get a good result even if the resin model is perfect!
Can you solve the problem in two ways:
1. Achieve the object directly in the metal by removal of material from a block of metal (expensive procedure and mono-productive).
2. Making the resin model and make a silicone rubber mold. Revenues from it for your item and use it in wax for casting (cast in plaster). The subject will probably be similar to what you now have in hand, but much cleaner. The surface will be nearly perfect because it uses an original model of a perfect and faithful rubber (expensive procedure initially, but then economic and N-productive).
There are other reasons for this problem, but these are the most important.
I hope not to have you created more confusion than before...
Objects with large glossy surfaces are not easy to achieve with fewer steps and in economics.
Now you may be partially hidden by a sandblasting. And then hand-polished letters and a lily... but I know it's not the same result.

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