Software license

 From:  Michael Gibson
5019.2 In reply to 5019.1 
Hi Herbert, you can already install the same single license of MoI on to multiple machines that you own, like both a laptop and a desktop, or both a home and work computer, etc... just as long as you have only actually launched it and are actively using it on one of those places at a time.

So that same thing will apply to the upcoming OSX version as well, you will be able to use the same single purchased license to install on both a Windows machine and a Mac machine that you own, you will not need to purchase a separate license for each machine unless you want to have 2 people use it simultaneously with on each machine at the same time.

People who own the existing v2 windows version will be able to use their same v2 license with the OSX native version, they will just need to get a new installer (which I will probably be setting up an automated web page to request it when you enter in your license key) and just use the same v2 license key with the OSX installer.

But there will also probably be a separate order page for the OSX version since usually there is sort of one main version that people want to work with.

Hopefully that answers your question, let me know not.

- Michael