Possible glitches!

 From:  Michael Gibson
5011.4 In reply to 5011.3 
Hi Felix,

> That understandable and probaly the only way it could be
> done. It's unfortunate I don't have a screen capture
> program, you would be surprised with what I get
> sometimes. (Would you happen to know a cheap or
> even a free one)

There's actually one built into Windows - if you push the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard (it may be abbreviated like mine for instance says "Prt Sc") it will take a snapshot of the screen and put it onto the clipboard and then you can paste it into any image processing program, including the built in Windows paint program (pbrush.exe) and then save it to an image file from there.

I think the free program IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com/) also has some screenshot stuff in it as well, see:

> I can understand a small difference (3 or 4th decimal place)
> but some times I have as much as 2 or 3 time the value
> shown in the top level values. Often it's simply the wrong
> value, nothing to do with the actual value.

That does sound weird, can you please send me a 3DM file with the object in it that behaves like that so I can test it over here and see if there are any bugs to fix there?

> I understand but I wonder if it should not be the same
> behaviour as for a rectangle, that to may need to be rotated
> sometime.

It's more to maintain consistency with how the ellipse command works with point inputs given rather than width/height given. When you draw an ellipse with the mouse it behaves in this same way where the first point that you pick gives the x axis direction and also the width, and the second point picked gives the y axis direction and also the height.

So if you have entered in width and height separately it basically constrains those values but you still pick points in the same workflow as the regular "draw by points" method to specify orientation in the same way.

Since there is already an orientation mechanism built into ellipse for handling it by clicking points with the mouse, it would maybe be more weird for entering in width and height values to then behave very differently from that.

- Michael