Possible glitches!

 From:  Michael Gibson
5011.2 In reply to 5011.1 
Hi Felix, thanks for reporting these problems.

> It kind of freezes after the first key stroke, some times
> it unfreeze after pressing "esc"

This one sounds odd - do you possibly have any shortcut keys assigned to the characters that you are typing in? Maybe your shortcuts are being launched in addition to your typing or something like that.

> I also notice that some times the dimension shown (under
> style) are different then those shown when I try to edit them.
> The Z value is often the one showing different values.

That's not unusual - the values that are displayed on the top level are approximations that are taken from the render mesh. When you pop open the menu a much more extensive analytic bounding calculation is done to get really accurate information.

That size information is changing all the time every time you do a selection so it would not really be feasible to do the more intensive calculation so frequently, otherwise it could end up slowing down just getting things selected.

> Another little thing I noticed when I want to create an ellipse
> using manual entries. I write the width, then press tab to get
> to height, write the value I want and press enter nothing
> happens until I click twice in the viewport.

That's also normal - an ellipse that you draw can have any orientation and so it takes one click to set its x axis direction and then a second click to set its y axis direction (which could be picked vertically or something like that in one of the other views if you wanted).

> While entering values manually for rectangle and boxes
> for example and pressing enter draw the shape immediatly.

Actually no that's not correct - doing the rectangle "3pt" variation does the same thing because it allows you to specify the orientation of the rectangle in the same way that ellipse allows you to specify the orientation of the ellipse. The other 2 varieties of rectangle commands only make axis-aligned rectangles and so yes those behave differently from ellipse.

> When any edit box is present on the screen is there a key
> to get to the edit box at the bottom? Other then having to
> click on it, when I'd like to enter stuff there like say the
> angle or whatever.

If the current command has edit fields in them, then pushing tab or typing will target those edit fields and in that situation there is not any built in shortcut for putting focus onto the bottom edit fields for the x/y/z , distance, and angle values. I've been thinking of making Ctrl+Tab work for that, would that work ok for that purpose?

- Michael