Possible glitches!

 From:  Michael Gibson
5011.14 In reply to 5011.11 
Hi Felix,

> here is an example of what I was saying about the dimension
> not being right and by far.

Can you please send me the 3DM model file that was used to get those dimensions?

Then I'd be able to test it over here and see what's going on with that.

If you need to keep the file private, please send it to me through e-mail at moi@moi3d.com .

> What's odd for me is when I enter the size manually and press
> enter, with the rectangle command, it draws it immediatly <...>

It depends on which rectangle command you are using. The rectangle 3pt command, the one here:

does not behave like you are describing - when you enter in a width and height for the rectangle 3 point command it still waits for you to enter click points to define the x and y axis directions for the rectangle.

Out of the rectangle commands, the rectangle 3 point command is the one that is most similar to the ellipse command, since they both take 3 points as inputs and they both deal with drawing an oriented shape instead of only an axis-aligned shape.

If you give both the rectangle 3 pt and the ellipse command a try you should see that they behave very similarly with the same workflow and steps between them.

The key difference between the other 2 rectangle commands (the rectangle from center and by corners commands) is that they only take 2 picks to completely finish the command. Since those commands generate an axis aligned rectangle only, they have enough information to finish when you have entered in 1 point and then a width and a height. Since the ellipse from center point command is not restricted to only make axis-aligned ellipses, it does not yet have enough information to finish when you have entered in only the width and the height.

So yes, those 2 rectangle commands behave differently than the ellipse command - that's expected since those ones take 2 picks to finish and are axis-aligned and the ellipse command takes 3 picks to finish and is not restricted to being axis-aligned. This does not mean that there is no similarity between how rectangles behave and how the ellipse command behaves though, as I mentioned previously the ellipse command behaves exactly the same as the other rectangle 3 point command.

> and when I do the same with the ellipse cmd, I also have
> to click a couple of times before the ellipse is drawn.

Yes - but notice that with each of those clicks you are defining the orientation of the ellipse, so you're handling the placement of it directly in the command. It behaves the same as the rectangle 3 point command.

In general it's part of MoI's overall drawing strategy that you should be able to draw the thing you want directly in the place that you want it - that's why all the various drawing commands allow you to specify all those things like width and height and radius and what-not. For example when you draw a sphere you are able to place the center point and then the radius to create a sphere of the size you want right off the bat instead of doing something like plopping in a "default" sphere into the origin and then doing an extra step to move and also size it, which is how some programs actually work.

Some commands include orientation as part of that, like rectangle 3 point or ellipse.

In the future it could be possible for me to make a plug-in command for you that would make an ellipse from center point that was forced to be axis-aligned and would then behave like you want, but it's not a bug in the current ellipse command that you pick 2 more times to finish the command - you are specifying orientation in those picks and that's an intentional part of how the regular command is set up to work.

- Michael