Possible glitches!

 From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)
Hi Michael,

I noticed a few thing that I think you should be aware of.

I'm running Win 7 with both english and french keyboard, in case it matters.

I noticed that sometimes it's difficult to enter values manually in the edit box (under the style). It kind of freezes after the first key stroke, some times it unfreeze after pressing "esc".

I also notice that some times the dimension shown (under style) are different then those shown when I try to edit them. The Z value is often the one showing different values.

Another little thing I noticed when I want to create an ellipse using manual entries. I write the width, then press tab to get to height, write the value I want and press enter nothing happens until I click twice in the viewport. While entering values manually for rectangle and boxes for example and pressing enter draw the shape immediatly. I think it would be preferable if the behaviour was the same for all shapes.

When any edit box is present on the screen is there a key to get to the edit box at the bottom? Other then having to click on it, when I'd like to enter stuff there like say the angle or whatever.