Importing From Modo advice

 From:  Michael Gibson
5008.2 In reply to 5008.1 
Hi Steve, which version of Modo are you using, 501 or 601?

Usually you will want to use LWO format to export from MoI into Modo.

If you're using Modo version 601 though you need to adjust an option in MoI since they changed how vertex normals are read in from LWO files - to use the new style that Modo now expects in MoI go to Options > Import/Export > LWO options > "Vertex normals style" and set "Vertex normals style = LightWave v10".

When exporting to Modo 501 or earlier, that setting should be set to "Vertex normals style = Modo".

Other than that if you've got some pieces not showing up it could be that you've just set single-sided rendering to be on in Modo - to fix that go to the material properties in Modo and there is a checkbox to turn on double-sided lighting, just set that and then it should show up.

You also might want to enable double sided use in the realtime editing view in Modo as well, there is a setting for that as shown here:

Let me know if you are still having any problems.

- Michael