still problems with "blend"

 From:  Michael Gibson
5001.11 In reply to 5001.8 
Hi Mike, see the attached example for a fixed up curve - here I've used Rebuild with "# of points" mode and turned off "Keep corners" so that it ignores the sharp corner areas and builds one single smooth segment through the whole thing.

By the way, the whole general area of building things surface by surface and doing surface blending is kind of in a more advanced and finicky area of NURBS modeling - really the main area where NURBS are strongest and also most convenient is when you are using the solid modeling part of the toolset instead of the low level surfacing tools. But of course for some kinds of flowing/wavy structures the surfacing toolset is needed.

But you should generally expect a higher learning curve for that style of modeling, and really if you're doing that kind of flowing surface stuff it gets into a gray area where you may be better off doing sub-d modeling for such shapes instead actually.

So anyway, just be aware that you're into the "more finicky" side of NURBS modeling with this general area, solids modeling where you're building things more by booleans and fillets tends to be where NURBS modeling has its best strengths.

- Michael