Coordinate Frame conversion of coordinates

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian,

> So the x-axis and y-axis direction vectors used to create the
> new frame would be (or could be) in world coordinate frame.

Yup, normally those direction vectors are in world coordinates. The origin is also in world coordinates - the whole package of data gives the position and orientation of the frame's coordinate system.

> A new y-axis, parallel to the world coordinate y-axis would
> have the same vector direction, (0,1,0).

Yup that's correct.

> The new x-axis vector direction can be calculated from
> the two points, mathematically, or with vectorMath...

Yup, but the x-axis vector should be one that is at a 90 degree angle to the y axis vector. But it can be pivoted around the x-axis, like for example here in red are different possible x-axis lines that would work with the given green y axis:

- Michael