Tablet PC design

I've been quietly browsing the forums for the most part because I really didn't have enough to contribute. Although my day job is a software developer for a storage provider, I've been using Rhino since version 2.0 for my personal projects. Recently, I've tried my hand at Sub-D modeling using various software (i.e., Softimage|XSI, 3D Studio MAX, Silo, Z-Brush, Mudbox) for both hard-surface and organic modeling. I've discovered that while Sub-D modeling is great for creating organic objects, I find myself falling back to NURBS and Beziers for hard-surface modeling- I guess old habits really do die hard :D.

In any case, I've just been doodling around with MoI and have found it extremely powerful for it's footprint. Recently, however, I found myself in the market for a Tablet PC- one that I could do illustrations and 3D modeling on while on break during work or at home with the family in front of the telly. Although there are capable Tablet PCs out there, I felt that none addressed the specific needs of artists, technical illustrators, animators, So, I started designing a Tablet PC that I felt would cater more towards creative individual as well as those in the technical illustration field. The basic design really revolves around WACOM's proven tablet designs and adapting them to Tablet PC "standards". The design also called for better internal components that did not hamper the unit's functionality (i.e., Dual-core CPU, 4GB max internal memory, 120GB SSD, MXM or UGM-based discrete graphics video card, dual-mode digitizer with pressure and tilt sensitivity, at least 5 hours battery life, 15.4" (WSXGA+) or 17" (WUXGA) AMOLED screen, less than 6 lbs.,

You may notice a lack of air vents. Well, that is because I have decided to go with a screen-type air intake vent system which would make the geometry extremely heavy so I've decided to "fake" the vents when I render the geometry (sometime in the near future :D). In the meantime, enjoy and all comments are welcome.

Split view of the TabletPC design:

3D views:

Detail close-up: