From:  Michael Gibson
4989.2 In reply to 4989.1 
Hi eric,

> Is it possible to turn the color off in all styles simultaneously
> so that there is simply a line drawing?

You can override how colors are displayed so that everything shows in one fixed color rather than using the actual style colors.

For that go to Options > View > Colors - there are settings there for "Surface color" and "Edge color":

By default those are set to "By style" so that the object's assigned style color is what is used for displaying it. But you can use the dropdown there to change it to "Fixed color" after which a color swatch will appear next to the dropdown and you can use that to set the color that will be used for the surface or edge display instead of using style colors.

If you use that setting to override the display it should be easier than actually changing all your style colors, because it is easier to revert the setting and restore things later on.

Hope that helps!

- Michael