modo user looking for better freestyle "sculpt"

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mads,

> Is there a smooth function?

No, not currently - if you're looking for stuff like that it probably means you're trying to do a lot of surface control point manipulation. That means that you would probably be better off in a sub-d modeler that is focused on that kind of workflow, that kind of stuff is not a focus for MoI.

Probably in the future I will add some more stuff related to surface control point manipulation, but just in general it's a kind of restrictive thing with NURBS surfaces since NURBS surfaces are constrained in their topology to always have a rectangular net of points, that means that you can't add control point detail into one small local area of the surface, which is kind of why sub-d modeling is fundamentally better for that kind of point deformation type modeling approach.

In MoI you should generally be using a different modeling approach than that which is that kind of construction/drawing method that I mentioned above - that method tends to be a great fit for mechanical man made type objects but not so much for organic type shapes.

- Michael