modo user looking for better freestyle "sculpt"

 From:  madsen
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Hello Michael - that was a very helpful series of replies - thnaks

have been studying "magic" super posts on the FLOW tool - that is so unique that it could be a plugin for other appplication or even an app in itself.
have tried so many differnet wrap and projection workflows in other apps - but this one is so close to real life that only fluid dynamics can compare.
looking at the result from the speaker mesh - and another one he did with a mesh - ....

well - you might have x-ray'ed my workflow/app combination - and i appreciate your suggestion.
looking for the digital material with the power of nurbs and the freedom of subd.

something like the nurbs-cage-superstructure with subd/pixar surfaces grown with voxels. and all united as quads.

trying to find a digital workflow to add digital value skills to the traditional craftsmanship of the sculpturing artist - but that would be a long story

and always keeping the focus on the most important thing - an output into real word materials must be granted.

one important thing is also to load 20>40>60 million polygons from a high res details 3d scan - and still be able to run - chopping up the mesh is not always

i will follow along what is happening here.

would it not be an idea - for you or some of the others nurbs scientists to make a full featured flow, deformation, elastics and - there are parametrics, grasshopper around in various version - but they are not "intuitive"... and i would not consider them as a Tool to work with in daily 3d changing and various needs.
with elastics i am thinking about the way "glue" react when between two surface and you pull and turn these two surfaces apart. flow deformation as a reaction to the change of space between objects where the deformed solid can be adjusted by volume and different fall off.
to me it looks like a great niche on the marked next to fine things like moI3d.
or maybe i have not been through all the apps out there and it is already there.

or i am just day dreaming already before 10AM!

thank you so much
very much appreciated

best regards


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