Scratch, a free program

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Bemfarmer,
Here is another script. This one will allow you to capture the viewport to the clipboard, at a specified size (Set in the script here as 2560x2560). You can then paste the image into any app that accepts the paste. So modify the numbers to get an image of a desired size, or make a progressive set to use.

script: /* render view to clipboard */ var v = moi.ui.getActiveViewport(); if ( v != null ) { moi.view.lineWidth = 4; v.renderToClipboard( 2560, 2560 ); moi.view.lineWidth = 1; }

Remember that your video card will limit the size you are able to capture. So you wont be able to capture a 6000x6000 pixal image unless you have some good video power.