joint double curvature jumbo

 From:  Morten (RUMLAB)
4948.9 In reply to 4948.8 
Ok. I also encountered some strangeness with different curves. The patch working as expected on some curves,
and totally unexpected on others. But my biggest issue was the fact that the original flat surface just couldn't
be stretched in a precise way, around the tight bends. And the moi Network function works so well with few curve inputs.

The main thing I sometimes miss from Rhino, is the command window ;)
But maybe I should just get a wacom.
(and maybe the faster trims, although I also dig the visual selection feedback in moi)

Whenever people are complaining about their existing modeler, I always just answer "moi".
But these office people are strangely reluctant to buying additional tools, even as cheap as yours.
"Well we already bought Rhino, now this is not enough?"